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Broadway Plus VIP Services

As a Marketing intern for Broadway Plus VIP Services, I was given the opportunity to create an original blog to accompany the launch of Broadway Plus's brand-new website. I first had to devise a title for the blog that felt cohesive with the company’s name while also getting at the heart of what makes Broadway Plus distinct from all other companies. With these objectives in mind, I decided to call the blog "The Plus Side." I then incorporated the blog’s name into a cover photo design and continually used this phrase as a motif to weave into each of my blog posts to maintain a common thread as I navigated different topics.


To view my blog posts, click the images below!

"The Plus Side"- Broadway Plus VIP Services Blog Banner

Extreme Measures

As the Marketing Chair of my a cappella group, Extreme Measures, I designed a new logo, created merch, and revamped our social media content to keep our fans engaged/informed and to encourage freshmen to audition. Below is the new logo (along with some prototypes), merchandise, and an instagram campaign I created called #MeetTheMeasures.


To view these image and learn more, click the images below!

Extreme Measures A Cappella
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