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I’m extremely interested in new work development, as showcasing new voices and new stories helps ensure that theatre keeps up with the times.


I was the co-head writer of Northwestern’s 88th  Annual Waa-Mu Show, America’s largest student written full-length musical. Our show,"For the Record," was inspired by “Overlooked,” a New York Times obituary series, and strived to illuminate history’s unsung heroes, preserve their legacies, and use their status as overlooked figures to provoke a much-needed conversation about the types of stories the world should be telling. 


I co-coordinated all aspects of the production, which included selecting a writing team and dramaturg, creating a detailed outline of the show as well as a style guide, casting the production, teaching a student organized seminar to write the show, and coordinating with the music team and scenic designers to implement our overall artistic vision. 

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At Northwestern, I took a Musical Theatre Lyric Writing course in which I had to write a new song every week based on a different prompt.


Such prompts included:

  • Write a song inspired by the prompt, "who are you?"

  • Write a song either about being "happy to be sad" or "sad to be happy"

  • Write a song that's inspired by a news article written within the past week

  • Write a conditional love duet

  • Write a song from the point of view of a character in a show you're currently watching  

  • Write an opening number for a book you've read recently 

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I was the Music Director of The Extraordinarily Sophisticated Imagination Club, a one-week theatre camp for children ages 8-12. It was my job to incorporate the ideas that the campers brainstormed over the first couple of days into a new musical. Over the course of one night, I wrote five songs, which I then taught to the campers and accompanied their final performance.

It was so rewarding to teach my own songs to these kids and watch them enjoy music that was entirely tailored around their ideas.


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