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Creative storytelling is a vital part of who I am, as it is the outlet in which I most naturally express myself. Creativity amplifies my voice, satisfying my desire to think
outside of the box, ask thought-provoking questions,
brainstorm innovative ideas, and ultimately
            devise imaginative solutions.


I categorize myself as a multi-hyphenate, as I am passionate about applying my creative storytelling towards multiple artistic fields and capacities:



I revel in taking a seedling of an idea or an unanswered question and spinning it out into a fully fledged world of theatrical possibility! I like to use theatre as a creative playground to better understand the world around us.



I believe in the intentionality of language and visuals alike, and love dissecting human behaviors and analytical data to discover how to most successfully convey marketing messages.
I’m a child at heart, preferring work that has a sense of play, and yet my favorite form of play is one that leads to dynamic dialogues, diverse collaborations, and revolutionary products. This might seem like a walking contradiction, yet my favorite place to be is directly in this point of contention, as many times, things that initially appear to oppose one another are, at their core, extremely intersected :)





Hello there! I'm Lauren (she/her)                                                                           




2022-2024: NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program

I was accepted into New York University's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program as a Lyricist & Book Writer. Through the program, I've been writing a 90-minute musical with Jonja Merck entitled The Fallen. Follow us on our journey on Instagram and TikTok!

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2020-2021: PUBLICATIONS - Literary Thesis

I was one of seven Northwestern English Majors selected to write an Honors Thesis. My Senior English Honors Thesis, entitled "Revolutionary Women: Literary Performativity, Classical Pseudonyms, and the Public Sphere in the Correspondence of Abigail Adams and Mercy Otis Warren," was published in Northwestern's Undergraduate Research Journal. You can check out my thesis or watch a video summation!


I won the Morris Kaplan Humanities Department Award for my paper, entitled "A More Than Double Life," which I wrote in my Shakespeare: Global, Local, Digital course. Read the essay here!


In collaboration with One Book One Northwestern, Northwestern's community-wide reading program, I (along with my For the Record co-creator, Carly Mazer) turned the shows lobby display into a University Library Installation. Read all about the exhibit here!

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